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Principal's Welcome Message


Principal Allika Thompson-Young

Dear MAST High Families and Community,

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your principal here at MAST High School. Words cannot fully describe the pride and joy I feel working alongside and amongst you each day. As we learn how to navigate in a world where the “new normal” changes with each passing day, there are still some things that remain the same. The constant is YOU! Your gifts, talents, intelligence, compassion, kindness and maturity makes an amazing place of teaching and learning whether it is in-person or virtually!  Seeing our core values manifest  (do you know what they are?) in all of you each day - through your words, deeds, and interactions - is what gives me hope.


Remember our core values when you walk these halls, and remember them outside of this space as well. Be RESPECTFUL of the beauty and dignity that each human deserves. Be INTEGRAL. Do what is right and keep your promises. PERSEVERE. YOU have the inner strength to remain constant in fulfilling your purpose and your goals in the face of any and every obstacle. You have and continue to leave a LEGACY of success. Finally, remember the world is profoundly interconnected. The greatest legacy that you have left is that of LOVE. Make sure to demonstrate love in action throughout your tenure at MAST.

Our staff at MAST is committed to setting high academic expectations for all students. We are also committed to providing the support and tools that you need to meet them. That means:

  • Working day-in and day-out to create a positive school climate and culture.
  • Setting high expectations for teacher and student performance.
  • Providing unique, engaging, and challenging opportunities for you to learn and teach.
  • Ensuring that when you leave here, you are college and career-ready.
  • Enhancing extracurricular opportunities for social and emotional enrichment.

I cannot wait to celebrate your successes this school year, small and large alike. To encourage you every day and let you know that you are valued and respected. You play a major role in the success of our school community, and for that reason I will challenge you to inspire others, pursue questions and answers, defend your assertions, and seek first to understand before being understood.

I thoroughly enjoy working with you and your families, and I look forward to the work we will do together this upcoming year. As the old African Proverb states, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Hence, I am clear that it will take our united efforts that combine teachers, staff, your parents, our local community and your efforts, to help you achieve your absolute best both in and out of school!

This work can be demanding, and sometimes it can take all that a person has to give, and then some. Even so, I am confident in saying that in the end, the worker is the better for what they have done. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas you would like to share in an effort to improve our community and bring joy to this wonderful place.

With love and great hope for the future, 

Allika Thompson-Young,