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Final Chance Extra Credit Assignment !!!! in Google Classroom

Final Chance Extra Credit Assignment !!!!

To be clear this is a THREE part Extra Credit Assignment, and to earn any credit, ALL THREE parts MUST be completed. 

Part 1- Analyze DBQ: RailroadDBQ (sample Extra Credit)

Part 2- Analyze DBQ: Communism & WomenDBQ (sample Extra Credit)

Part 3- Write DBQ: The collapse of the Ottoman Empire
Directions for Parts 1 and 2: You will read both sample essays carefully, after reading you will fill in the graphic organizers thoroughly. As you Read you will try to find the "Rubric points" that were awarded to this essay. Then you will also explain the scoring and fix the writer's mistakes. 

Part 3: Requires you to write your own well-developed DBQ Essay. In this essay, you will try to gain all 7 points. You will use what you have learned from the activity in Parts 1 and 2 to help you. *** (In order to get credit for this part you need to score AT LEAST a 5/7 on your essay.) 

How many points is this all worth? 
Each part will be worth 10 points, which you can add to the Summative Assignment of your choice.  In essence, this will be worth 30 Summative Assessment Points!!

****Also be mindful that just because you complete all THREE parts doesn't mean that you'll earn 30/30 points.*** 
Since this is Extra Credit, I do expect you to put in the EXTRA TIME AND EFFORT. All answers should be well developed and thorough. 

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to email me or visit my Office Hours.