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Extracurricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities

Students will be given many opportunities to meet other students who share common interests at MAST High School. Our past clubs have included: Leadership, Instrumental Music, Japanese, Step Team, Dance, Multicultural, Yearbook, and “Seamless” Fashion. We encourage you to speak to your teachers or administrators if there is a club that you are interested in starting. Here are some of our clubs and extracurricular activities!


PSAL Sports

The PSAL teams in our sports program bring together our students and coaches under the leadership of our athletic director. Our sports teams include: see the brochure for list. In order to participate in PSAL sports, students must have a medical form and parental consent form on file. The student must maintain satisfactory grades and attendance.


Community Service

In addition to the course and exam requirements needed to graduate, we strongly recommend that MAST students volunteer a minimum of 200 community service hours as part of their educational development. Through volunteering, students will have the chance to develop character, responsibility, and maturity, as well as build relationships and skills. Additionally, in today’s competitive climate, community service is critical for students applying for college admission and scholarships. We encourage students to begin seeking volunteer opportunities in their communities and/or at school as early as freshman year.


National Honors Society (ARISTA)

The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. Students may apply for membership in the prestigious National Honor Society during their junior year.


Student Government

The Student Government is an extracurricular club in which students need to apply in order to be a member. The Student Government consists of 2 Co-Presidents, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and 2 representatives per grade. In total, the Student Government consists of 12 governing members. The Student Government is representative of the student body in addressing the needs of all students and allowing their voices to be heard.


Senior Council

Much like the Student Government, the Senior Council aids staff and administration in understanding the views and opinions of the Senior class. They gather information that pertains to the senior class experience, including prom, senior trip, graduation, and the yearbook.


Robotics Club

In Robotics Club, students gather to learn about the inner workings of robots. Students may develop and program robots themselves and even enter robotics competitions. If you are intrigued by robots and technology, this club may just be for you. Anyone can join!


Dance Club

Flaunt your love of dance at our dance club! From modern moves to traditional, students have a blast while expressing themselves through the art of dance.


Instrumental Music

Much like our Dance Club, students use the Instrumental Music club to express themselves and learn an artistic skill. From guitar to piano, our instrumental music club is perfect for students who want to learn how to read music and play their favorite instrument.


Multicultural Club

The focus of our Multicultural Club is to celebrate diversity and culture, and promote acceptance and tolerance of all those who attend and work at M.A.S.T High School. From food to traditions to language and celebrations, each culture brings something new and exciting to our school. The Multicultural Club helps M.A.S.T students acknowledge and celebrate that!


Japanese/Anime Club

The Japanese/Anime Club comes together to enjoy the Japanes/Anime culture in a friendly exchange. Topics covered may include Japan, Anime, Manga, Comics, and video games. From discovering anime episodes to playing hit videogames, the Japanese/Anime Club is open to students that have a love of anime and the Japanese culture.


Yearbook Club

The Yearbook Club is in charge of putting together the yearbook for the senior class. Members of the Yearbook Club take photos at school events and a day in the life at M.A.S.T for the sole purpose of creating a yearbook full of memories.


“Seamless” Fashion Club

The Fashion Club is for fashion lovers and fashionistas who are passionate about the fashion scene. Whether you are a budding model, designer or just want to learn about the current clothing and accessories trend, the Fashion Club will be an exciting addition to your day at M.A.S.T.